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by stipto
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I've got quite the challenge ahead of me and was wondering if anyone has some advice on these matters.

We're going to make a few minisites under the same brandname as our main website, such as a store, a comparison-site and a few more. My questions:

1. What is the best way:, or just with the same header as main site (so it feels as if you stay on 1 site)
2. The main site has a really good PageRank. How can the minisites best benefit from this?
3. Should every site use it's own framework (Magento, WordPress, Drupal) or should we combine it into one system or even one installation for better content-sharing?

Love to hear your opinions!
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    Wordpress is great for this kind of thing since version 3.

    I think one answer is to do a mix - have subdomains but also have seperate sites which focus on those niche elements and feed people (and links) back to that area of the main site so that you're building your own linking power system as you go aswell as giving yourself ways to dominate the rankings for your keywords.

    I have niches where I own all of the top 10 results because they're covered by the mainsite, sub sites, video results, image results, press releases, articles etc... so the main site comes up as the top 1-3 results and the rest are supporting sites and properties.

    It makes it really easy to get the lion's share of the traffic in your niche and harder for competitors to come in.

    I'd try to stick with the same CMS for your sites so that you're not creating extra work just to get the same look/layout when you create extra pages/sites.

    WP will let you manage all of them from one admin so that's probably the obvious choice without needing to get complicated.


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      I have a kind of review site for amazon products, the main website it's like a "featured" stuff and include links to the "categories" that goes on subdomains.

      I do this based in they use subdomains for each categorie.

      Works nice, I got traffic in all subdomains and also on the main site.
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    Hey, it depends on the purpose for the mini-sites.

    Are you using them to drive backlinks to your main sites?
    Are you using them to rank for different keywords and drive traffic to your main site?

    In most cases I'd create a .net or .org version of your main site - not use a subdomain, but in saying this it depends exactly what youre trying to achieve.
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    It's not specifically for driving backlinks or boosting traffic to the main site, but for different purposes: The main site, wich is a news site, already exists and gets high traffic and high PageRank. But it doesn't generate income. So that's why we want to start up some subdomains for affiliate links, wich carry the brand name of the main site.

    I now know that WP can handle multiple sites from one account, so that's good. But, aside from linking back and forth between the sites, is there anything else I can do to let the minisites benefit from the main site's PageRank?
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