A Google Employee and The power of Facebook ... Were key ingredients with a government change in Egypt

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This was amazing to see and now we understand how Facebook has the ability to communicate with the masses ... This was the biggest reason for the success of overturning the corrupt regime.

Believe in your dream … Is the attitude today ... and I like it.

The gentleman shown in the photo, just below is the Google Employee

The viral effect of Facebook … Can and should be used as a tool in Internet marketing.

This is amazing to me, and I believe this idea of using web 2.0 for communications, to notify the people of protests ... in many other countries will continue.

What is your opinion about the use of Facebook in Egypt?

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All the best … Ron
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    fb had a huge effect for sure.
    those people just been waiting for a spark on their decades of suppressed emotions.
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    I know , quite the Facebook revolution ! This will happen again and more often.

    The power of social media is huge, do not underestimate it. Also, take your part of the pie
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    Greetings Sandra,

    You bring up a very good point ... I wonder what the general opinion of this is on the Warrior forum?

    Best regards ... Ron
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    sounds odd google had an emplyee who did this - sounds fake imho
    but amazing story
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