Upsell for my product! Need Some Help

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Hey Everyone,

I have a product it is Stop Blushing ..... Start Living - How to Prevent and Cure your Embarrasing Blushing Problem

Now I want to create an upsell for it around $77. I was thinking an audio version of the ebook but that wouldn't sell for $77. Any other ideas? Would really appreciate it.


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    I would upsell some kind of dating product. Seems like it would go good with blushing.
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    Thanks, good option, any others?
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      For starters you could use a plr product, its better than not using anything at all. In time you could have a new product written for you.

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    Your main product is selling for $36.95 so in theory, an upsell of $77 should offer 2x the value of the main product. I have sold a printed version of an ebook as an upsell before for $15 plus postage $4.95. Did Ok considering all i needed to do was mail out a few envelopes each week.

    Maybe you could offer 2-3 upsells/downsells that compliment your product? I dont know your market but maybe some form of confidence-related product would match it.
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    There are a few things you could include in the upsell:

    - An audio version of the actual product
    - An audio interview with an expert in the field of blushing or someone who has cured themselves
    - Some checklists, things they can print out and follow through as they try to get over the problem. People love checklists because it makes things a lot easier than having to go back and find the information in a big ebook.
    - Access to a members only forum where fellow sufferers can all talk together.
    - Access to a weekly ANONYMOUS webinar each week where all your members get in and can ask questions and talk about their progress. I think this would be a really good one and very useful for people with that type of problem.

    Just pack it full of value and make it clear that the upsell is going to help them get the problem solved much faster. You could also offer to send them a cd with something on it. This way you can send them a package with another printed sales letter in it to upsell them to some other related product.
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    Ya you could send them a hard copy check out if you want to make it into a video course!
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