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what is the absolute best theme for wp and i mean for a blogger, is it thesis
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    Originally Posted by Fazal Mayar View Post

    what is the absolute best theme for wp and i mean for a blogger, is it thesis
    What is the best car for driving?

    It really depends on what you want the theme to do and look like.

    There is no ONE best, they all fit certain needs, and most will accomplish basic needs and most can be set up and adjusted in a variety of ways.

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      Yep, like Greg says.

      What you could do is make a list of what you want/expect your theme to do.

      Also, go look at the source codes of other sites that you like the theme of and snatch the theme names so you can look them up and grab some comments/info on them.

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        There are so many threads on this.

        I like the Noble M12 for my favorite car. I like linux/windows 7 for my computer OS. I like WordPress › Atahualpa « Free WordPress Themes for my company website and blogs.

        Honestly there are so many. What kind of blog do you want to set up? I use specific themes for each task. try DevHunters Webmaster Forum for some sweet coders that give away their themes for free.

        Just start applying them and see if you like the look for a couple of days. Once I see that I like it for a couple of days, I keep it.

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          If you are just blogging and not marketing, it doesn't make a lot of difference. Pretty much the only thing that counts then is the design.

          If you are marketing, it depends on how quick you want to set your site up to be decent looking. If you like coding in CSS, then thesis is probably your best bet.

          If you want your site up right now but still look good, headway or Flexsqueeze.

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