Small actions add up to massive action

by Matt MacPherson 2 replies
Just a thought that occurred to me this morning when I was thinking about self motivation.

Small actions add to up very large action. One step at a time. Often times I find myself overwhelmed at the prospect of my future plans and this paralyses me into a state of inaction. Focus on the one small task in front of you and take it one step at a time.

i.e. Writing 500 words each day for 30 days adds up to a 15,000 word ebook.

i.e. Completing only 5 tasks on your ToDo list each day for 30 days adds up to 150 completed tasks that month.

Internet Marketing is not very impressive on a micro scale, but when you zoom out and look at what you have achieved on a macro scale, the picture is completely different.

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    True enough.

    You only have today to work in anyway. A long term goal is important. A plan ot get ther is vital, but you can only act in today.

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    Very true.

    After every project I complete I look back and say to myself "I'm glad that is done" and "I don't know if I would want to do that again".

    The only way I get through it is taking little steps one at a time. But it's also important to keep that end goal in mind or you'll end up running circles around yourself and never actually accomplish anything.
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