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When creating posts on wordress on the home page, is there anyway to have a post create a new page with the URL the title of the post? For instance, when i create a new post and the title is "new post", the page that is auto created is something like


what i want, is for it to display this


or somilar so the title of the post is in the URL for SEO purposes. I know I could create a new page and then put the content on there, but I want it to show up on the homepage as a post as well.

I hope I was clear enough, any tips or tricks are welcome! thanks
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    You have to change your permalinks structure which is under the settings tab on your dashboard.

    Some people clcik the custom radio button and then enter /%postname%/

    That will get you what you are looking for. There are lots of things to change it to, but that one is pretty simple.

    Postname in this case will include posts and pages.

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    Yup, the answer is permalinks.

    Go to Settings → Permalinks.

    Then choose a custom structure like /%category/%postname

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    i knew there had to be a simple solution i was overlooking. worked like a charm, thanks!
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