Reuse same Amazon product reviews over multiple websites?

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Hey Warriors,

I have an Amazon niche site with about 30+ product reviews that I wrote. The reviews within my current niche site are organized by category. I'm in the process of creating another website in the same niche, featuring most of the same products from my current site. The inner pages will feature the products by their brand affiliation rather than category. My goal is to target brand based long tail phrases within the same niche. The new site domain is a general key phrase within the same niche. Do any of you warriors see any issues with using the exact same reviews from the old site on the new site?

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    I would at least rewrite the reviews a bit to get uniqueness out of thm and then I would also host the new site on a seperate Class C IP address.

    This is to guard against any duplicate content issues with the search engines.


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    Hi marucho,

    I see issues with that plan. This is one of the most common internet marketing mistakes I see these days. I know it's tough to write an article about something that you have alredy done, but you just can't expect to duplicate an article and get it ranking good across multiple websites. Just imagine what the search results would look like if that actually worked.

    If you really want successful sites, make everything unique. You could even consider using the new sites to promote the reviews on the existing site (by linking to it), but you would still want to create some useful, unique content on the new sites or else they won't get traffic.

    I feel inclined to speak up whenever I see a thread like this, because I'm a huge advocate against auto content. There was a time that people were able to get away with it, but Google gets smarter all the time and simply won't let this practice be successful long-term. If you want to build quality websites that will still be making money for you a few years from now, you simply have to avoid duplicate content practices of any kind.

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