Need Affiliate Programs for unique demographics

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I am running a blog called Minor Wealth link in sig and have been working hard on it building traffic, Seo the whole 9 yards. Unfortunately my returns have been sub par I understand my blog is new but I believe poor monetization is to blame. Right now I only monetize with adsense but would like to start list building for extra money. Could anyone suggest some affiliate products?

Niche: I mainly focus on finance and investing but do talk about other business topics on occasion.

Demographics: I am targeting children and teens form 10-18 as well as parents. Most live in the USA.

I know children interested in finance is your typical demographic but that is exactly why I am asking for help. I've looked at several brokerage affiliates but most don't allow email marketing which limits my options. Please help me out this is my first blog I'm 13 and have no idea what programs would work. Any help will be appreciated.
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