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I have a good product that sells well under a different name - so its sound. But for some reason this site does not convert - not even for the opt-in! We get about 50 uniques a day but maybe 5 sales a week.

Was hoping someone could show me what I am doing wrong:


any ideas on how to at least increase my e-mail capture rate &/or sales?

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    5 sales out of 250 uniquues. I think that is good conversion
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      That's a decent ratio for sure, it's just a matter of getting more quality traffic to the site and maintaining that same sales ratio.

      Justin McGill
      Founder of LeadFuze - Helping digital marketing agencies, sales people, and startup founders generate leads on autopilot.

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      Originally Posted by onera View Post

      5 sales out of 250 uniquues. I think that is good conversion
      Actually, it's more like 5 sales out of 350, which is about a 1.4% conversion rate. It's still pretty respectable, but hardly spectacular.

      One thing that sticks out to me is you have some formatting issues (I'm looking at it in IE 7.0, so you may not see them), but nothing major.

      One thing you can try doing is get ahold of my 'pop n peel' hover pop creator (which is free in my sig) and split test using a hover pop with the signup in it vs your normal page and see if that bumps things up any.

      Also, I noticed you have an 'as seen on' block in the left margin. Try moving that into the sales copy and see if it helps any.

      Headline at the top of the page should be in 24pt Tahoma font, in red (which it already is), and centered on the page. This is a biggie, and should help conversions.

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    I'm not an expert copywriter here but I can suggest few tips that you use on you sales copy;

    Tip01:No Powerful Headlines
    Headlines are important to attract your visitors.Try to improve on it.

    Tip02:Sense Of Emergency
    People won't act fast to acquire something unless it's really scarce. Perhaps you can write something that make your products of FREE ecourse to be scarce.

    Videos are one of the most powerful tool for instant persuasion as it proof others whether an offer is true or coax.Just checkout Youtube and look for any videos that's related to your products and paste it.Don't worry it's totally FREE and copyrights FREE.

    How about adding a POWERFUL and persuasive P.S at the bottom of your sales copy.P.S acts likes a 2nd headline.

    Your website seems to contain other necessary persuasive elements to rake in sales except the 4 tips that I mentioned above.

    Good luck
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    I say WebMD is a pretty trusted source in the online and offline world. Always saw their commercials on TV during baseball season. Why not make that line and logo bigger. If WebMD says it's safe, then that might convice more visitors to sign up or buy!

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  • I'm seeing the formatting errors in IE 7 as well.

    One thing I'll contribute is regarding the opening
    paragraph. It's weak. It needs to hit your reader
    right in their gut where they feel the pain.

    The great copywriters all teach that people will
    spend a fortune to relieve pain where they
    usually won't spend anything or very little at best
    to prevent it.

    The first paragraph needs to magnify the pain
    and suffering of stress and anxiety and it's
    harmful side effects.

    Take a lesson from the late night infomercials...
    spend enough time making the pain of stress
    and anxiety real before you offer the solution.

    Once your reader feels the pain, they'll want
    to buy the solution.

    Just my thoughts.

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    It could also be this disclaimer,

    All claims being made by this site are based on animal studies conducted on the specific ingredients, not the product itself and that the ingredients may not perform the same way in humans.
    That would make me NOT buy it!


    Chuck Evans - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
    Learn How To Play Your Best Golf

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    well I think you need to focus on getting more traffic, 5 sales a week at 50 visitors a day , get 100 visitors a day 10 sales a week, 200 visitors a day 20 sales per week.

    Focus on getting more traffic before you do anything to drastic.

    how many opt ins are you getting per day
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    Sounds like you need a split testing script.

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      Your complete satisfaction is important to us, and we're confident enough that we offer a risk-free guarantee!
      You have 60-days to return the product for a full refund**.
      Try it, you have nothing to lose!
      That guarantee is WEAK. You should only make them return the empty bottle for a refund. How do they know that they're not satisfied if they don't take the product? Nobody's going to return a restockable product. That's the other kicker. The double asterisk means that it's subject to a 15% restocking fee.

      Subject to a 15% restocking fee is NOT a "100% Money Back Guarantee", NOT a "Full Refund", and it certainly does NOT qualify as "you have nothing to lose".


      Besides that, the product name is weak and the copy needs serious attention!!! One remark in particular that shot up my B.S. radar was "dangerous prescription medications". I for one tend to trust my doctor and don't believe that he would prescribe anything dangerous. After all, I did choose him.
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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      Originally Posted by Scott Million View Post

      Sounds like you need a split testing script.
      Bingo! Split test your landing page.

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    When first going to your site you are not directing the traffic efficiently. There are just too many things to see and do on that page.

    Look at some popular CPA offers and see how they direct the flow of their readers eyeballs to go directly to the submit area.

    Your checkout process is not simple enough. I tired buying some (don't need it... just looking at your process) but after I add a unit to the cart I'm directed to another screen on checkout and don;t know what to do after that to complete the sale.

    If this is your own product then you may want to look into a continuity program were the first bottle is free less shipping and handling.

    Forget about re-stocking fees because with a good product then you won't have to worry about too many refunds. What this tells me is that there are a lot of refunds.

    Mike Hill
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    The layout needs a more cleaner 'look'.

    The message at first glance is not that clear.

    Clen up the graphics - and yes - split test.......
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      Wow, awesome replies! Thank you all so much!

      Returns are not high at all, so great point on moving the free line!

      This market often are looking to avoid meds and as such are seeking natural ways to treat their condition - many know how addictive & side effect laden (dangerous) Xanax and other meds can be. But I do agree on needing to amp up the credibility.

      Gotta do split testing obviously - great point.

      Have to clean up the copy and layout as well - and the ordering process sucks I have long realized that, so thanks for the confirmation!
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