What I Found Out About My List and Why You Need to Do The Same

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Recently I tested a very interesting method to maximize the results of my list. You see, I have multiple lists in different niches but they are all in the same Market (IM). And once a week I will publish a newsletter across my list.

My newsletter is not targeted to a specific niche. It's just general IM information. I realize that the open rate for my newsletter is about 6% and click thru rate is somewhat pathetic with no conversion.

So I change my strategy a little bit. Besides the weekly newsletter which I will still publish, every list will get a solo mailing based on their niche. I did that over the last few days. The result? 15% open rate in one niche and 7% in another with a few conversions as well.

My point for this post is to encourage warriors who have a list to segment your list based on niche and only sent TARGETED message to those subscribers who specifically request for that sort of information.

This is a simple, easy to understand concept but highly effective!!!
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    Great information Fated. Sending another email to the unopened with a different subject may get them to open as well depending on their personality type and what rings their bell.
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