What it Takes to Outsource - Going from Peanuts to More and Larger Peanuts!!!

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So, there has been a lot of talk on the forum about how to get to making real money and how to use outsourcing. I am going to cover how to do this in this post. I have a plan that I use and it has worked quite well for me.

To start you need a little background on me. I started about 9 years ago and didn't make a dime for the first 3 months. I finally discovered an article marketing program that got me going and I started to make a few hundred dollars every single month. This helped, but I wanted something more and this is how I got more.

**Note one of the sites I set up for a total of $1.99 for the domain and $10 a month for hosting, from the early days still makes me over $200 consistently every month, just so you know.**

So what did I do to go from making a few hundred to a full time income from my efforts?

Well, I did two things, one I started writing for others (partially because I love it, and also because I have the time to put in 20 or so hours a week for others and the same for myself) and I started outsourcing.

Now, since I am a writer I do not outsource much of my article writing because that is easy for me. However, submissions and backlink building I do outsource. I also outsource sales copy sometimes, depending on the product.

I do outsource some article writing for two reasons. One, it is nice to have another perspective and I prefer a female for this since I am a male and I can get a totally different perspective this way. Two, it allows me to double and in some cases triple my output. This is how you grow your business.

Think about it this way. If you are an article marketer, blogger, or you own your own product outsourcing only makes sense. If you were to start selling on eBay, for example and your budget allowed you to buy 10 of product x and 10 of product y, then you sold all of both, what would be the next step? Would you simply keep the profits and buy 10 more of each? If you are smart you will invest some or all of the profits and many buy 15 of each, then 20, then 25 and so on.

This is an increase in productivity. You can do the same thing. If you can write 5 articles a day, 5 days a week, and you do this for 4 weeks, then you have 100 articles. Now, of course, you need time for submissions and building blogs or website, unless you outsource this as well. Say this brings you a decent amount of traffic and you make $500 your first month.

Now you have something to work with. Spend at least half of it on more articles. You can work with a writer for around $1 or $1.50 per 100 words so let's say you get $250 worth of writing done. I suggest you hire two or three writers so that you have different voices and you never know one might not be that good.

So, now in month two you continue to write your 100 articles, but you get another 45 (15 per writer and assuming you spend around $250 from your profits) written for you. What do you think having another 45 articles will do for you? Well, you now have 245 articles that you are working with, 100 from the first month, 100 you wrote in the second month, and 45 that you outsourced. Let's assume this makes you a total of $800 your second month. Excellent we are moving in the right direction.

Now, spend $100 for someone (I recommend odesk for this and give them detailed instructions) to submit those 245 articles to 5 article directories each that you have not submitted to. This will help your traffic and backlinks, which will give you more cash in the future.

So you have $700 left. Pocket $250 again (prefer you save this, but things happen and this is your fun money or emergency money, I understand that too) and invest $450 this time in outsourcing for articles.

Write your 100 and get yourself around 75 written for you this time.

Do you see where I am going with this?

You keep doing this and seeing your profits go up each month. Eventually you could be spending $1,000 a month on outsourcing and having $3,000 coming in. This will just keep climbing, but you have to start now!

It is a lot like having employees and if you were a regular business you would pay people to do certain types of work for you while you did what you do. Outsources is much the same and you will want to have a steady flow of workers that you know will deliver the jobs you need done on time and completed properly.

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