Affiliate Marketers Thank You For What You Do!!

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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to post a quick thread to clarify something really quick for those who are new to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically someone getting paid a commission for promoting someone else's product.

YOU DO NOT pay any more or any less by buying from an affiliate. The commission is already added into the price. So you will pay the same amount regardless if you buy from the affiliate or directly from the product owner.

As we all know this is a HUGE business and many people make a great living as affiliate marketers which brings me to the point of this thread.

If an affiliate marketer presents you with a product or service that will in some way help you in your business doesn't it only make sense to purchase through that affiliate so that he can get credit for his efforts. ABSOLUTELY!

Now some people have a problem with this because for some reason they feel they are being "sold." So instead they go and purchase directly from the product owner instead of the affiliate marketer. You are paying THE SAME AMOUNT! So why not reward and say THANK YOU to the affiliate for presenting you the great product and let them earn their commission.

And remember what you put out is what comes back so if an affiliate sends you over a great product and you cut them out don't be surprised when you becoming an affiliate and your customers do the same thing.

Joshua Zamora
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    Originally Posted by JoshuaZamora View Post

    Now some people have a problem with this because for some reason they feel they are being "sold." So instead they go and purchase directly from the product owner instead of the affiliate marketer. You are paying THE SAME AMOUNT! So why not reward and say THANK YOU to the affiliate for presenting you the great product and let them earn their commission.
    I always ensure the affiliate gets their commission if information they provide leads me to buying the product.

    That being said, most good affiliate programs will cookie a customer with the affiliate code for a little while at least, sometimes for long periods of them. That way if the customer leaves the site and comes back the affiliate still gets their cut. I doubt many people will purposely wipe their cookies for the sole intention of removing the affiliate's commission from the sale, but I suppose it happens.
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      I too click an affiliate link when aided in a purchasing decision.

      I've learned a lot about prospective purchases simply from reading informational posts and emails from affiliate marketers. I have no problem about someone getting paid for their efforts. In fact, I'll go back to someone's site upon deciding on a purchase just to purchase through their link.

      I'm a bit biased of course, because I do affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, I suspect I'd have the same view even if I had never ventured into affiliate marketing.
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    This is one of the 'problem' lying inside most of the people, their emotional feeling take over their logical thinking.
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      Originally Posted by ShirleyS View Post

      This is one of the 'problem' lying inside most of the people, their emotional feeling take over their logical thinking.
      I completely agree with you.

      And I too always go back to the
      Original person who introduced
      Me to the product if I didn't buy
      It on the spot.
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    Hi Bobby,

    I guess it lies down to how people perceive affiliate marketing. Some may treat it as scammy email while others may buy it from affliate marketer who introduced to them, especially to those who knows the affiliate and have relationship with the person.
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    The problem is that many affiliates are just "link droppers" and promote everything they find so customers never know who to trust. Seems to be a matter of trust i think.

    The link hijacking seems to be more frequent in the IM niche (customers are more aware of affiliate links) and that's why lots of big affiliates try to focus on different kind of offers, outside this niche.
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      I fully support this thread, being an affiliate myself. I think its an excellent point you have made.

      I have also been somewhat guilty of not wanting to buy because it was from an affiliate link, and somehow felt "sold". Its weird but I can relate.

      It wasn't until I got in this affiliate marketing business myself that I realized the error of my ways. As a good affiliate works hard and spends cash to promote products for product owners. The least you can do is say a little thanks, pay no more then you would anyway, and give the affiliate his commission.

      Good post!
      Right To The Point

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        Some time ago I exchanged correspondence with a guy who needed advice on a matter. At one point I recommended a product I believed would help him. I gave him the product name only not wanting to appear to be recommending it just for the commission I would receive.

        He emailed me back and said yes, he would buy the product but could I provide him with my affiliate link so that I would receive commission on his purchase.
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    Let me give a great example of how you can help a fellow affiliate without worry of link hi-jacking or anything else that is shady.

    If you buy anything from Amazon, always use a fellow IM's link.

    Amazon will not give you credit for anything you buy from yourself. So if you have a friend or IM who you trust, just purchase your Amazon Products, Kindle Books, mp3's and anything else through someone elses link.

    It won't cost you a penny and you will be shooting a few pennies to an IM'er you like.
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    I 100% agree with this. Especially the affilaite marketers who put in work, and not just plaster links all around the web.

    As as affiliate marketer your job is to make it...
    Better, simpler, easier, and more valuable for the customer to buy from you.

    When a customer is choosing to purchase a product and it choosing between you and someone else, a good marketer will throw in several extra bonuses to help show their appreciation if you do decide to choose them.

    Also a good affiliate will have bought the product, and give you a detailed explanation and quick look inside the product talking about the pros and cons -- then leave it up to you on whether or not the product is of any value.

    So in the end, when an affiliate does everything I mentioned above -- I agree that is only seems fair to buy from them, then go to the seller directly.
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    I agree completely. I have several affiliate pages bookmarked right now for future purchase. I've even bought software from the affiliate page that introduced the software to me, then proceeded to sign up to the affiliate program so I could sell the same great software.

    An old affiliate buddy of mine was even changing hosting and hit up his Twitter list for an affiliate link rather than go right to the hosting company. Made a nice little chunk of change on that one.

    I agree that there are some shady affiliate marketers out there, but I try not to let any bad experiences taint the fact that there are many more good ones just trying to make a living like I am.
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    Yup!!! Affiliates are soldiers... Respect them, TAKE GOOD CARE of THEM

    Great post mate...great post!
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    This is why affiliate marketing was really cool after all. Although no matter how far can we go, or how hard it is for us, the truth is that affiliate marketing really works if you put it on the right direction.
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    I think product owners usually should treat their affiliates like GOLD.
    They are the lifeblood of ensuring that their word gets out.

    I think word gets out as well on the generosity of the product owner :-)
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