What type of product do you make?

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Hi all. I have been a lurker of this site for a while. Finally started jumping into the IM game. Anyway, from what I'm reading, it's good to make your own product and sell it.

I just wanted to know though. Do you guys just write ebooks and that is your product? Do other people actually sell some physical product? Just wondering what direction I should take regarding product development. Curious about what people are doing. I'm assuming just basic info products.

If anyone can link to some threads too, awesome. I tried searching.. didn't find too much. Going to keep looking now. Trying to get some fresh info though, which is why I made this.
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  • Most people go for digital products however, there is a small group of people also making physical products. Yes, creating ebook is known as creating a product. If you are just starting then I would recommend that you go and do some affiliate marketing. Like this you will get some idea how everything works and what are good niches. After some months you can move to your own prodcut creation.
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    Technology products and IM coaching is very common but men's health products are still very selling today.
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    Making the product is the easy part if you're looking at eBooks, reports, short courses etc but it's promoting the products that people often find harder than expected, particularly in competitive markets such as IM, health and fitness.

    For your first product you can create it all yourself but you might want to consider outsourcing or even take a private label rights product and rewrite/improve on it to make it your own.

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