Outsourcers: Do they always scam me?

by Hulk Hawking 2 replies
My outsourceworker like to scam me. I already track them to odesk.

But they like playing farmville or other stuff. Or they work extremly slow.

So normally i tell them that farmville and other stuff is not allowered while work. One week later i see again farmville.... Other people tell me always stories about how ill somebody in the family is...

I thought i´m overaverage charismatic and i pay them ~10% than usual.

So is that normal?

What´s your approach if they work ~20% of their working time outside of work?
What do you think about bonusses?

My workers are mainly from the philippines and i pay them 2$ an hour as starting salery and i increase it every 4weeks and give them boni (until i fire them what normally always happens).

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  • Hi! As a proprietor, business development and marketing strategist of a 5-year old ICT (Information & Communications Technology) outsourcing firm
    here in Manila:

    Employers normally encounter the problems you mentioned with many direct hirees...

    Especially if an employer does not have official local business presence...

    Primarily because trained people with relevant experience and knowledge prefer to work with companies officially registered as a local business...

    Plus: Those direct hirees work at home or at computer cafes with lots of distractions...
    More so: They are unsupervised and unmanaged by local office personnel...

    And: An employee needs to be provided a balanced work-life environment...

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    I am just new to the WF and was interested to see your post. I have hired several great people from the Philippines and they have been wonderful to work with.
    I think you need to reassess your strategy of hiring and maybe consider hiring on a job by job basis to begin with. After the employee has proved their worth and reliability then you can look at a more permanent arrangement. Please treat them with the respect they deserve and how you would like to be treated too and then you will get value way above what you pay.
    At least, this has been my experience. All the best.
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