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Hi everyone,
I have just joined and am keen to learn about internet marketing. I have read a lot about articles being the best way for a noob to get going and a lot about article spinners. Not sure if this is the way I want to go, but dont think it is. Would welcome any advice.

Also received welcome email from Allen - thank you - and am wondering whether it would be good for me to join the war room straight away or wait a while? Again, would be good to get some advice on that.

I appreciate that the WF is more for experienced marketers, but the way I see it, what better place for someone like to me to learn?

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    Hi Ben,

    I'm in the same position as you, I've been reading a bit here and there over the past year. I came across the WF yesterday and so far I like what I see and I'll probably part with the $37 and dive right in. From what I've gathered it's the best place for noobs to start.

    Good luck!
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      Hey Ben how are you,

      War room or not, it doesn't matter. There is so much free and great information here. I would say just dive into the forums and read what others are saying first about each marketing method out there, then try to find what works for you. Whatever marketing method you chose, stick to it and put all of your focus on that one method until you've mastered it. There is so many ways to get sidetracked and lose focus. Try not to do that.
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    Me too guys newbie here. So if you are new here you can sell in WSO? What I had to do to get sell there?? Anyone can help me?
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    Welcome to the WF!

    This is a great place to learn.

    You can find questions already
    answered by using the search

    Another way to find targeted
    info is by grabbing any tag
    link at the bottom of all post
    and changing the 1 word tag
    to your 1 word subject.
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    welcome on board guys! wishing that you all have a good time here and learn many things along with us all.
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    Hey guys,

    Welcome to the forum. Joining the War Room will open you up to new methods and opportunities but make sure you only read 1/4 of the time and implement 3/4 of the time. Keep taking action and you will find the money rolling in.

    If any of you have questions, you can talk to me.

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    yeah u can get a lot of information here, but remember don't spam!
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    talking of the warrior room i would say that it is the best way to promote your site or products...go ahead with it without doubting its of luck...
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    Welcome to the forum Ben.

    The War Room certainly gives you access to heaps of invaluable information. I highly recommend it.

    I use article marketing as a traffic source for my websites.

    Are you thinking of creating websites?
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    Hey Ben,

    If you are just starting out,maybe you can go through the challenge (by Ed Dale).It's free and really would help you build a foundation.War Room is great ,but you would get information overload if you don't know what you are looking for.

    Some of my websites contained information regarding
    How Can I get taller, Heartburn no more
    , How to get taller , grow taller 4 idiots and How to stop snoring.

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    Hi Ben,
    Welcome to the forum. This is most definitely a great place to learn.
    I never knew there was so many aspects to IM. Be careful though information overload can be a problem at times.

    Take your time and eventually you will find the path you want to take. There are plenty of people here who are will be prepared to help.
    All the best in your endevours.
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    Definitely great site to learn. But it had to pay for some feature it so expensive, i can afford it. Admin can i get discount??
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