9 useful tips for affiliate marketing

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1. Have faith in your product
Make sure you have knowledge about your product before you begin to sell it. When you sell a product, your customer knows who you are and thus your reputation is at stake here. Selling bogus item or describing the products wrongly when you do your pre-sell marketing is just not going to help you reputation in the Internet Marketing Industry

2. Which will allow you to earn more
Check the payment terms of the programs that the vendors are offering. It's only realistic to choose the best affiliate program that are on offers. (for e.g. clickbank)

3. Slow and steady wins the race
Starting with too many websites and programs at one go can only mean that you're not giving/dedicating enough time to each of the products. This will of course lead to lower conversion and lesser profits.

4. More traffic = More conversion rate
Let's face it. You can have the greatest website in the world with the best affiliate product and a fantastic sales pitch that would even make the vendor competitor reflect on their own product but you're just not going to sell anything if you do not have visitors! 3/4 of your work should be on marketing your site and generating traffic. That's why it's called Internet Marketing.

5. Use the resources given to you.
Most affiliate programs would have resources to help you promote their product. Don't be shy, USE IT!

6. I'm interested but I don't know where to go?
This is the problem most customer face. They are interested in the product and even thinking of buying the product already but they are confused by the many links that are on the page. Keep the page simple, better still choose an affiliate program that have a direct link to their sales page.

7. Lifetime commissions literally means lifetime profits
Some affiliate programs have lifetime commissions meaning you receive a percentage of the future sales from the customer you have recommended before regardless of whether they have used your affiliate link or not.

8. Pre-sell your products.
Needless to say, if you're able to ignite the interest in the customer before they click on the affiliate link. Chances are, they are buying already.

9. The money is in the list ( Customer list )
By having an own list of subscribers, you are building relationship and internet marketing relies on this. Having your own list could also mean it would be easier to promote similar products to them in the future.
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    Sorry to say, your post will probably get deleted because of that link you threw in at the bottom (maybe, maybe not).

    But I wanted to comment on at least 1 of your points (I have more comments, but 1 will do)...

    #4 You state that more traffic = more conversion rate... This statement is simply not true (though it may happen in some cases), it is more likely to see a slight drop in conversion rate as your traffic numbers increase. For example, over the past 4 months I've seen my traffic to a few websites go from about 60k/month to 90k/month, great traffic growth but the conversion rate dropped slightly (by about .2%-.3%). However, the increase in traffic does cause an increase in actual conversions and sales.

    - Tommy

    - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    Interesting list, but these ideas are probably known to all, who are not new to IM world plus I won't agree with this statement:

    5. Use the resources given to you.
    Unique methods and promotional materials always better than standard tools from your affiliate manager or product creator (especially for popular products)
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    I think this is better in the Articles Forum. Just a thought.
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