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It seems like each day I read about at least 3 things I should be doing to each post I make and each article I write to add more backlinks and generate more traffic.

Ping, pixelpipe, onlywire, amr, article submission software, articles to video, and on and on.

Does any of this really do you any good?

How do you know what does and what doesn't?

I try to establish a routine and then there is something new that someone says I MUST be doing. It is making me crazy!

So, established article and affiliate marketers.......what do YOU recommend or what is YOUR routine with each new article.
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    I just submit to That's it. and maybe i will go to Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites - and do some bookmarking.

    That's all I do and it works for my market. I also do not use any submission software or "automatic" software.

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      So that is all you do? Submit to Ezinearticles?

      I have been manually submitting to them and Articlesbase and using a service to submit to a bunch of others. Thm taking the article and making a video out of it and submitting it through a video submission service and was going to add PixelPipe and Onlywire to that.

      I found people at Fiverr to set up both the PixelPipe and Onlywire accounts for me. For five bucks to get all those site account set up that was a deal!

      I just wonder at what point does all of this not really do any good. I mean, I want to build backlinks, as many as possible but do all of these services really do anything?

      Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

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    There are going to be a million and one ways you can and should do. Each is there own. What one person found to work for them may not work for you.

    The best part that I have done over the last two years when it came to learning SEO is picking and choosing what I found fun and effective and creating my own plan of action. That way it's unique to me and I know what I'm doing.

    For example, article marketing is a staple in my opinion and I run strictly all my articles through UAW and I did use too (which I do think is a good service). I had a site raise to the top of the SERPS, it was a new domain and was competing against sites that were 5 and 10 years old. So needless to say, article marketing was all I did to do that.

    I actually never even pinged the links or did anything else once the backlinks were generated. I just kept submitting content - and no it wasn't SPAM content, it was legit and made sense.
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      You can find out what works for you by testing. If someone shows you a new way, you can try it, IF you want and then test. You can use google analytics to test where your traffic is coming from. Or any other tools you may have to that effect. It is all about testing what works and what doesn't. What works in one niche may not work in another. When you find what works, continue following that method. I keep an open mind.
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      I do Sqidoo lenses because for the same trouble you go through submitting articles you get a lot more heft all right there in the same place. It is more fun too I find. The backlinks tend to stick as well. This is also an authority site. I have found that I have gotten my sites to rank very quickly and I can see that the links are coming directly from this site.

      There are also so many "link to" opportunities right within your lens creation template that it's absolutely a goldmine.

      This nugget was actually given to all of the members in a challenge put out there by the very esteemed Dr. Mani right here from the WF so I am just passing it along. And it was an unusual but effective approach that he was sharing with us and it really worked for all of us (group of over 90).

      Now I am going to ask a silly question. You are using Google Analytics to track your sites right? If not you can get answers right down to the links that your traffic is coming from. It is a priceless tool if you are doing your own SEO or to track the work of an outsourcer. Good Luck!

      Be well
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