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I am making this thread to share some details about video copies vs text copies.

I recently wanted to sell a personal mentoring program on traffic! No. of seats were just 20. I'd like to share how I did it..

Wrote a sales letter... spent nearly 4 days writing and another 2 days polishing it. No. of hours spent on creating it ... 52 Plus (I was counting sharply)

And then I uploaded it, and threw in some PPC traffic. Now this was real cheap because what I am looking for is real life case studies of newbies starting to get 200+ targeted visitors from free sources per day. Instead of giving away the product free in return hoping to get testimonials, I decided to make it big and so I created this personal mentoring program which was to be sold for just 497.

But here's what happened... Nearly $500 spent on PPC not a single sale!!! Yes nearly 200 people signed up into my A/R, but that's it!

I was a little frustrated, and disappointed too! I had almost decided that either I'll just give the sample of my product free for testimonials or promote the program to a sub-set of my tiny crazy list!

But things were to change, and for good!

Same day I came across a thread on WF which was how MF and Michael Cheney are using pure video sales letters to make sales at astounding rates. Went to the review crusher site and checked it out!

at first, i was apprehensive, but then I realized there is a lot of noise about video sales messages, so I decided to give them a try!

Sat down to rephrase my copy as a Power point presentation and recorded a Camtasia video. And here are the details...

PPC money Spent: $1003.XX (Don't remember the exact figure)
Visitors: 945 Plus
Signups (Freebie): 300 Plus
sales: 20 as scheduled.
Conversions: 1 in 50 (APPROX.) = 2%

$ made--- just a little less than 10,000... Paypal will eat another fraction!!!

And the best part: No. Headline
Large waiting time (admittedly, this should have been reduced, I was too busy flying kites, here in India its the season to do just that)
$497 without people even knowing me (I didn't sell it to my list)
No earnings proof screen shots (Just 2 testimonials)

And obviously I am no Kern or Reese either. I don't even like to type (can you tell?). And most of the people that bought in were my first time customers. HOW INSANE?

And I have also got another bonus to add to my product that will be launching next month. The recordings of the live streaming shows!!!

RESULT: Use videos even if they are ugly... even if you hate them as hell..


(This ain't self promotion... I am not posting any links or selling anything, just sharing my experiences with videos, other warriors might be helped in some manner which I obviously dunno)

What are your experiences?
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