When to use Video in Your Business

by Giani
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Video is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and should be used as frequently as possible. When should you use videos?

1. Product Creation - Video is great for product creation and you can quickly create products using videos.

You can do product introductions, product reviews, create tutorials, record seminars and events and sell them. You can record interviews with other people and create short documentaries. Your imagination is the limit.

2. Welcome videos: For your websites, blogs, FB fan page, LinkedIn page etc.

3. Communication with your subscribers: Video is the easiest and fastest way to build rapport with your subscribers and get them to trust you. You can create short "on location" video clips with some interesting stuff and post it on your blog. People love to see what you are doing.

4. Product Launch Videos: Videos are very effective in "anticipation building" which is a powerful technique used during Product Launches.

5. Video Sales Letters: You would be noticing more and more use of Videos as Sales pages specially in Internet Marketing. Such Sales letters are bringing more sale than usual long written pages.

6. Creating your own web TV show: Many successful Web TV shows were started on shoestring budget. You do not need much equipment to create a web TV show. Some of the examples are "Wine TV Show", "Help, My Business Sucks"

7. Creating Viral Videos: Remember "Bionic Burger", "Mutant Milk", "Where the hell is Matt" videos. These have Millions of views. Viral videos have certain qualities that make them viral. If you know how to do these videos, you can flood your websites with traffic.

These are a few ways to use Videos in business...
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