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by Big Al
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I've had a good start to the month - making more sales than normal for a very niched product. I was trying to work out why and if it was because I'd been throwing out more articles as a bit of a test to see what impact it would have.

My main traffic looks like this:

Ezine articles: 31%

Google organic: 28%

Websites sharing my Ezine articles: 14%

I only really used Ezine articles to start out with because of backlinks. My domain name is .com and ranks anywhere from number 1 to 5 - which is where I was hoping to make most of the money.

What became more apparent is that more sites have been sharing my Ezine articles - which is largely possible because blog creators have more articles to choose from and there are niche sites I wouldn't expect to host my articles - using them.

It's only a 3 page site promoting a single product and my next step (since it's doing better) is to build a blog either on the same domain name or a new domain name and see if how much traffic I can get to that - before funnelling it through to the 3 page site.

And finally... I put this site up nearl 18 months ago and have done nothing else to it. It was averaging a sale a month most of the time.

Recent work on it has boosted my interest and because it's doing better - it'll get more attention and see if it's possilbe to get 1000 visitors to the supporting blog per day and see what % I can get to the money page.

The key to that isn't anything other than consistent daily progress or work.
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