The best way to develop domains

by David Holland 2 replies
So, guys, what's your way to develop domains? I'm currently using SteadyNiche as a development solution. I spend more time customizing the developed domains than actually developing them. Really useful.

Let's share some thoughts, ideas, methods.
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    C'mon, people. I need some research material for my next article.
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    Your question is really open ended and doesn't speak to any one audience. That's why you've not got any replies.

    it is that "develop" that is too broad ... develop for what, marketing, sales, traffic, brand building, authority site, affiliate marketing, list building, money making, SEO, ... and the list goes on.

    I'd say post a new thread and ask a specific question such as:

    What is your favorite method of increasing mini site traffic and why?

    Do you see how spefici that is ... you get a btter chance of getting some responses. Better than that is to mention a method and ask if it works:

    Does micro blogging work as a method of increasing mini site traffic and why? Can you offer a better way?

    Good luck
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