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this question pertains to no-follow links. What purpose does it serve to get no follow links pointing to your website. I would imagine to have individuals click the link from the website it is placed on. Do no follow links have any bearing in helping in raising your google ranking?

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    No Follow links are followed by people but not search engines like Google so no you will not see any increase in Google Rank by Nofollow links

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      A bunch of no follow backlinks by themselves won't help your Google rankings but in the overall scheme of things, those no follow links that Google does index will help boost your rankings when taking into account all the backlinks you get, both do follow and no follow. As they saying goes, "A backlink is a backlink"
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    Google is not stupid. If you only get do follow links, it will know you are gaming it. Having no follow links in the mix helps ensure that Google sees the dofollow as genuine backlinks.
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