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Is anyone else having a problem with the EA site?

I'm getting an error indicating a bad certificate, both in Firefox and IE.

Or is it just me? Thanks.
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    It must be just you as I am not having any issues.

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    EZA is working fine for me.

    Is the date and time correct on your computer?

    I know that when mine crashes and I unplug it from the mains, the date goes back to 2002 and I end up getting security certificate messages on a lot of sites.

    It's only resolved by me correcting the date on my computer.
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      Thanks guys.

      Yes the date / time is correct but I may have encountered a browser hijacking earlier today as I was checking some serp widget sites and one of them didn't seem quite right.

      Oh well, time to roll back.

      Thanks again.
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    No it's not just you. I'm having the same problem.
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      Have you tried maybe using a differnet browser like chrome?
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    I haven't found any issues and I've been submitting a lot lately, although I use Google Chrome.

    I would actually suggest Chrome if you are still using Firefox or IE. It's world's faster than Firefox (which used to be a good alternative to IE), and has plenty of extensions by now. It even has an IE Tab extension that lets you view pages in IE from within Chrome if you want, which is great for testing on the fly.
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      I have just submitted an article on the site right now. Maybe you can check it tomorrow
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        I don't use EZA anymore... Got tired of the long a$$ waiting/approval period. Plus, they don't approve legal sites, which has been my focus lately.

        Plain and simple, EZA is an article directory. For some reason it's glorified... No better than any of the multitude of others including GoArticles, The Free Library, ArticleDashboard, Amazines, Article Alley, etc...

        scott g
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    Yup, someone must have hacked them or something, becasue my antivirus is lighting up whenever I try to go in there...Wonder if this will continue...hope not...

    No sig, good day m8...

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      I was seeing this problem for a couple of days, but the problem has gone away and it's working for me now. Yesterday I rebooted for the first time in like 9 months, so maybe that fixed it.
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