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Just wondering if it's worth the ten bucks or so that US Free Ads charges for a premium membership to post articles on there?

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    If you just want to use it to get articles up somewhere it might be worth it. If you are expecting to get sales out of it probably not. I had a few ads up there to test it out for a while and never saw any clicks, nevermind any sales.

    Yes it could have just been my horrible copy skills, but I suspect there just isn't that much demand on their site as they lead on. It seems to be more IMer's hitting it to get backlinks and spam ads.
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    I would check out articles posted by other premium authors. If they page they're displayed on has a good pagerank and more views as opposed to those that are from non-premium authors, then I would say yes... only then would it be worth it.
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    They do get some good Google juice, asides from that...
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    The campaigns from the premium account are making your enough money to cover the cost and some extra profit then it might be worth sticking to it and scaling this method up.
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      If it has been that effective, their fee must have been not that cheap.
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    i have never tried it personally ...
    i have heard of it ... the response was not really good ..
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    I used to have a USFreeads premium account back in the day.

    It worked well as a traffic getter for a few sites, but not for making direct sales.

    Not sure about how effective it is these days.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    probably not for the articles unless you are making a sale.
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    I would say almost 2 years ago I tried US Free Ads. Didn't get much of a response. But I feel that's more of a basis to basis thing.

    For $10 it's worth a shot in my eyes. Just make sure you take advantage of the time though and test everything out you can.
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    Does anyone have any recent experience using them?
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    In my experience USFree Ads used to have some juice, but not anymore.

    However, its so cheap, it might be worth it, just to throw a few bucks at.
    As far as pages ranking well, I don't see that at all now.
    Bruce NewMedia
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