Make a living with affiliate marketing...?? (5k/m)

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Hey guys. I'm getting started in Internet Marketing. I've been around the forum for a while, and learning, buying WSOs, etc... and I'm finally finding what I like...

And it's Review/Niche Sites.. or autoblogs.. done the RIGHT way... I'm studying, and I have 1 site up already, I'm starting to build links for it... Maybe I will come back here with my success story in the next few months....?

I'm just wondering if there's anyone making a living only with this type of income... I've heard a lot that the money is on the list, having your own products, etc.... but I've also heard people making 10 or 20k per month or more.. .just with autoblogs.... I'm just wondering if that's hype or actual truth. I wanna hear experiences.

Thanks guys. This is an awesome forum.
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    The money is in most tried and tested methods, the important thing is that you see each strategy through until it's successful, before trying anything else.. otherwise you find yourself doing loads of work, ditching that before it's reaping the rewards and start at the begginning with something else!! You can end up with several half finished strategies that would have paid if seen through..

    I use niche sites monetized with adsense and they're doing well now but it took over 4 months before they started paying... Anyways stick to the plan and don't get tempted by things that are aparantly easier!!!
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    I make a few products that others affiliate, and I know for sure people who easily do $5k/month promoting my products. It really isn't that hard, I'm surprised more people aren't doing this.

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