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Don't sell yourself short. If you're asked to write an article at one cent a word or less don't do it. Write for yourself instead. You WILL MAKE MORE MONEY.

Set up a blog, post the articles and throw up some AdSense.

Write reviews and link to the products you're reviewing for a commission.

Sell links in blog posts

Set up a network of blogs on the same niche and sell blog posts. The network doesn't have to be huge. 5 or 6 different blogs with 10 posts each should do it.

Sell the article to

Write the articles and use them for your own squidoo pages.

Use original articles as hubpages.

Set up a squidoo page or blog for an affiliate product, then post articles to drive traffic to it.

Use the articles as web pages for niche websites.

If you MUST write at such low rates because there's no other way to put food on the table. Then for every cheap article you write for someone else, rewrite it for yourself and use as above. When I say rewrite I mean to the extent that it would not be recognized as the same article. Even if you're writing at substandard wages don't cheat your client.


There has been some discussion in subsequent posts that I am encouraging writers to steal the ideas, keywords, and research from their clients and use them for their own benefit. That is not my intent. When I say rewrite an article so it's not recognized as the same article I mean if you presented both of the articles to the client, the client would not recognize them as the same article but would consider them two different articles. Plagiarism is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Anybody got more suggestions please post.

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      Originally Posted by davebo View Post

      Wow. First off, why are you so concerned with what other people are charging for writing? Probably because it effects what you can charge. Are you trying to get a union going or something? The market determines that cost of the service.
      Perhaps she is concerned with some of the bad advice given on here and doesn't want new people to go blindly into writing for peanuts.

      $2 article writers don't affect me at all. I am sometimes hired to rewrite the articles, anyway, so they actually benefit me. :rolleyes:

      Just because someone tells writers not to write for low wages, doesn't mean there is an ulterior motive. It just means that you don't have to settle for low wages if you don't want to.
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        This post was edited because I edited the first post.

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          I think Dee's core advice is golden, but I'm a little uncomfortable with the rewrite thing in one sense:

          Keyword research.

          If you rewrite the material taking advantage of the keyword research performed by your initial client, I don't think that's really fair. You're piggybacking on their research efforts for your own gain and I do think that crosses an ethical line.

          So, if anyone out there is thinking about following Dee's recommendation, please make sure that your "personal use" rewrites aren't utilizing the long-tail keywords your client worked so hard to uncover.

          Personally, when I write for others I extend a guarantee that I won't take advantage of their keyword research myself. I decided to do that after realizing just how easy it is for freelancers who dabble as marketers (or vice versa) to take advantage of access to client keyword research.
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        Here are a couple more ideas.

        Find blogs that are on similar but not competitive subjects as yours and ask if you can be a guest blogger. Link back to your own blog.

        Write a short report 5 or so pages packed with good useful content. Include a link to your site in the report and then give it to others to use as a giveaway.

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    Thanks Dee,

    There is more than one way to make money with Article marketing/writing and you demonstrate that here.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    I understand what DEE is saying, but in my opinion it is the same thing as A WSO that was run not long ago that everyone was calling plagerism...

    So, your client sends you an article to write and then you rewrite the article again and use it for your own benefit?

    Hell, I'll just go over to EZA and rewrite all the articles posted in the niche i'm in..didn't think that was acceptable, but maybe it is?
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