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Domain appraisal scams have been circulating for years. This is a slightly different twist that is currently making the rounds. Don't fall for it. The sender is NOT interested in buying your domain name. He/she is ONLY interested in getting you to order an "appraisal" (fake), and once you do, you'll never hear from him again.

The email goes something like this:


I noticed you owned the domain and was curious if you still have it for sale? If you do, what are you asking for it? Would you take an offer of low to mid $x,xxx?

Have a great day,



Answering this email will get you a reply like this one:

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply. Do you have an independent valuation from industry experts [appraisal]? The reason I ask it because I buy, wait a little while and resale it. If I am to resale it, I would need to be able to make a profit and an appraisal helps me make that decision.

I've looked around and found that is a very modest appraisal service and we both can make a good deal.

If we agree on a price, how do you accept payments?

Thanks and have a great day,



Again, the only intention here is to separate you from your money by selling you a fake appraisal.

(I had some fun a while back with one of these scammers)


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