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I have a way to get a number very high (7,8) PR follow links.

The problem is these links won't be able to point at my main web site. For technical reasons, they will have to go to something like:

(where my main site would be: IANA — Example domains)

So the high PR links would point to that sub.
If I put a link or two on the bottom of these pages (the pages on the address) back to my main page(s), will the value of those links get passed through to my main site?

In other words:

A is a high PR site. A links to B and B links to C. Does C gain the "link juice" from A?

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    Those who run link rings would be best able to give real world results. Tutorials I have seen say the final destination will receive a fraction of the benefit, and only at some later date after the inner destination page is credited by the search engines. I hope you share the results.

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      Sure, the page will pass along some of that value (though not all of it). That's how PageRank works -- a page gets a little bit of PageRank from each page that links to it. You get more PageRank from links from pages that have higher PageRank themselves. And the more PageRank you've got, the more you give to the pages you link to.

      Of course, PageRank is just one of over 200 criteria Google uses to sort their search results. So there's no guarantee that those links will have much effect on your rankings.

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