How many outstanding sales pages have stolen your money?

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Hi, and first of all sorry for my english. I know it's not perfect.

This is just a brief analysis of the latest sales pages that convinced me to buy a specified course or product.
Well, in every case I got my money stealed (but got back with refunds) and I was filled by products, videos and especially with software with absolutely no value and a lot of bugs.

It appears to be a new trend to pay attention at.
Long selling pages, astonishing graphics, a price that go from $37 to a final $27. Or, better, to $1 for the next 2 days to analyze the product.

And I got nothing from this products. That's why I moved to buy products only from Warrior Forum, following the advices of reviews and the name of authors. You know, well known authors like Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin, Maria Gudelis, Mark Hess, Brad Gosse, and my friend John Yeo always provide a full value for your money spent.

So my recommendation is to give always a look to the "Internet Marketing Product Reviews and Rating" section of this forum, that saved my money from the IM sharks all around, that made no money ever, except from some good graphic editing and from some of their product sales.

For example I've some really good methods to sale, my old customers were all happy about my products and my partnership products, but in latest sales I put on WF, I saw that there is less interest.

My latest sale especially, for which I spent a lot of months in research with my friend Ivana Dee, got no sales and no interest at all. Incredible.
So why need I to prepare other videos and e-books, if I got no sales because I've no outstanding graphics to show? I'm on IM by 3 years and half now.

Offline Marketing could change in better for all of you, because of two personal methods I'm running by 8 months, but I think I would not sell them, because people is searching only stunning graphics and pure art sales letter to spend money in.
And I want to save my money to give you best results, a personal and never-ending support. Ask to my customers, they always got value from me and my partners.

So this is a smart analysis of the change that is occuring on internet marketing fields, especially for the newbies that are looking only to stunning titles like "Make $5,000 a day pressing a button", when you know that your richness needs to be built with fatigue, with time and efforts as any other business.

Thanks for your time. This message is for advise by one side, and for a personal criticism by the other.

If you come until this line, you can fully comprehend my status.
See you soon, somewhere.
Alessandro Zamboni
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    Looks like you are following some good names in that post.

    Fancy graphic and bold headlines are seamingly they way things are going with these big launches....but i wonder if we will soon see much simpler...less hype sales pages.
    Honest open and truthful....what do you think?
    You think those kind of sales pages would work?
    Be an interesting test!

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    If you got refunds, you lost nothing. If you were convinced to buy something from a sales page, the sales page did not rob you. You are responsible for your purchasing decisions.
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      Hi sbucciarel,

      If you got refunds, you lost nothing.
      Are you absolutely sure about that?

      Roger Davis

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        Are you sure about this?
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    How did you get your money "stolen" from you, especially if you got a refund?

    buying bulk warm seo leads (PM me)

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    Yep that's why clickbank is awesome (great service). makes vendors make real stuff or get their money they make taken back from refunds.
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    • Hi and thanks to all for the replies I found.
      And I'm really sorry for my delay, but I had problems with internet connection.

      This post is born as a provocation.
      In many posts, here on Warrior Forum, I've read a lot of times how people got products and guides different from what they expected.
      This has nothing to do with Warrior Forum, that in latest months has got even more power with wonderful products posted by its members (me included, eh eh).

      In 90% of cases, as some said, I got back my money, but in 10% of cases (1 time here on WF and the others when a big network on the background, like Clickbank, was missing).
      That depends by the people. You know, we are all different.
      I wanted to hear your experiences with authors and affiliates.

      Clickbank it's a wonderful service, nothing to say about it. I'm talking about people that offer support, and doesn't give it. And about who offers a money back and doesn't answer. That make me angry.
      I always offered full support, and I expect to receive the same.

      Now I change topic for a while, just to add something new
      What I've found, is that now a lot of marketers (I'm always talking about the other part of the IM world, out from WF) are basing their sales letters on video. Only a long video that lasts for 20 minutes, 40 minutes and so on.
      I got only 10% about the resource they're selling, and 90% about their family, their old job, their story.
      So, anytime I saw a video sales page, I close it without regret.
      What did you do? Are you so patient to watch all video?

      Thank you very much for all your answers.
      I'm trying to be more active on Warrior Forum
      See you soon,
      Alessandro Zamboni
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