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new to forums and online marketing ideas, i work 7 and 7 and was hoping to find a way to make some extra cash part time online. can anyone please send a suggestion or two my way.
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    Making money online is unfortunately no different than making money offline. To do it successfully and consistently, you have to be generating value for someone, just like you generate value for your boss by working and get paid for it. You can sell products or services, you can find a way to reach potential customers and refer them to sellers for commissions, but in the end it is about hard work and generating a sale for someone, somewhere.
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      welcome and good luck man!
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        Many people have a wrong concept about making money online. Make money online is definitely not an easy fast cash job. Lots of effort needed to put in before you can success. I recommend you to read pro blogger Yaro Starak's blueprint about how to make money by blogging. You can get a free copy via my website. Just click on the Blog Profits Blueprint image! I also write about the review and you can take a look there.

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          Hey mdtloco,


          My suggestion is to spend a while reading posts, new and old,
          and try and pick up some ideas.

          People would say to you that you need to do something that interests
          you first, focus on what your passions are and try and market
          a product that fits in with that.

          Perhaps a faster way to get going is to start doing some affiliate
          marketing - arguably the fastest way to start earning money online.
          Search for threads that deal wih affiliate marketing using the
          Search function at the top of the forum.

          Also, you can check out Ewen Chia's websites....he's a master
          at affiliatemarketing.

          One word of caution though - stick to one thing at first. Make
          it work for you. Don't jump around from method to method, you'll
          succeed at zilch.

          The other thing that I wished I had done from the beginning is
          to take MASSIVE ACTION as early as possible. Don't wait until
          you think everything is perfect because it will never be!!!!!

          Also, search for threads that are focussed on Newbies, you'll
          find some gold...

          Hope this helps...


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