Getting ready to send an email blast to my list for the first time...

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I'm currently in the process of getting my email list together and getting ready to send out a huge blast to everyone announcing the launch of my new website.

Any ideas for what the email should say, more specifically what the subject should read?

I'm new to this and I could use some ideas on a subject line that would get as many people to open it as possible.

You can PM your ideas to me or just respond here. I really really appreciate it.

Also it's a website for PLR articles. You can check it out in my sig if that helps you.
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    • Originally Posted by ste25 View Post

      Just make sure you send out the correct link


      Also you'd probably get a lot more feedback if you wrote a test draft or supplied more information.

      Just follow the basics of copy writing: Outline the problem, detail your solution, and give some kind of proof that it works.
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  • Make sure they know who you are...why they are
    a part of your list...and why you are credible.

    As the first thing you do...

    Every 3-6 months...remind folks of that same

    Ideally you send them some good content before
    you ever pitch to them.

    Make sure you test the email to a few personal
    accounts...even create a test group/audience
    (whatever your autoresponder calls it) of just
    your test accounts...and send the email there

    Use HTML emails so you can track opens/clicks
    and such that you can turn your links into
    headlines using href.

    That last part has really increased my click
    through rate.

    Ideally you use their first name at the top
    of the email. I've been seeing a lot less of
    that in subject lines.

    Heck...I've seen a lot less first names in general.

    A lot of the top guys, these days, are just
    getting aren't collecting them, let
    alone using them.

    Happy Emailing

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    Whatever you do DO NOT use Re: in the subject line... (inside joke)

    Just tell'em...

    The less thought you put into your email message the better. Just write it like you were telling your best friend about it in the same tone, same gestures (well maybe not) but hey you get my drift... right?

    The people on your list are just that.... they are people! Talk to them, not at them, inform them not drag them, and you will do just fine.

    Mike Hill
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    Send them something free.
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  • Don't actually use the word 'free'. Spam filters will
    filter you. I've seen Fr^ee, fr*ee, fr**ee, fr~ee
    and/or other variations.

    I tried to post URLs for spam filter word lists...but
    I'm new they won't let me post links yet...


    If you do a google search on 'Spam Filter Words' you'll see a
    ton of articles on the subject
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      Tell them the truth - you are about to launch, here's what to expect in terms of emails, benefits, what happens and what to do when you go live.

      Life is nature, learning, changing, growing and discovering your greatness.

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        • Thank you all for your responses and ideas. I'm new to this and I really appreciate it.
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