Thank You Joel Christopher!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently made a "test" product little over
two weeks ago, and it has allowed me to pull in over $12,000 in sales. I was able
to do with a "tactic" I have been developing for over a year now...

This is how I first came into contact with Joel...

Joel e-mailed me over a year ago, we talked alot, both were excited about a project I
was working on...

I was having a hard time managing some things in my life, probably the
hardest time in my young life dealing with alot of things, broken relationship
with da love of me live, money, business, family, and a bossy programmer
who was takin' all of my money, and making things REALLY hard for me,
I was doing more work then he was, and i was paying him! lol

Me and Joel did a quick 3 day promotion to help pay for my programmer, and
other things, the promotion went well, we made enough to pay the programmer,
just enough!

30 day later I had to pay Joel his share, I was unable to do so, because I thought
the project would be profitable by then....

Long story short, I paid him his commissions, the project was my baby, turned
down alot of people interested in buying the site from me, the project hasn't made
any profit yet, but it's been my secret weapon for my own marketing.

I would have given up on it, or sold it by now if it wasn't for Joel Christopher.

So I want to publically say... Joel Christopher is the REAL deal, hes a great
person, and one helluva teacher!

The end
#christopher #joel

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