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Hey guys,

I haven't been by much since the swap over. It's mainly been because of promotiong a product I found here and followed your post and comments on and it's doing great. It made me my first buck in IMin. Just wanted to say thank you)

In return, I wanted to make sure you all knew about X Sitepro 2.0 I think they just upgraded it because when I first seen it a week or so ago, it was at a cheaper price. I threw it down in my sig if you all haven't.

Thanks again guys, you rock!

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    yeah. me too. i would like to thank this forum for making it possible for me to do certain things. there are many people here that will help you out. great advices, great word of wisdom. indeed, this is a place where newbies can easily learn the trick in online marketing. i hope more and more people will succeed here.
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    CONGRATS on your success but it seems strange that you are "thanking" the forum by posting an affiliate link to XSP.

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