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Hi Everyone:
I have a website that is getting about 75 to 100 unique visitors daily. However, it is not converting. I would like to hear from you as to why you think the site is not converting and what I can do to help it to convert. I look forward to your comments. The website is:

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    What sort of buyers are you looking for?

    As far as conversions, go... your site isn't compelling, I see no real call to action, there's nothing inspiring me to click on the link to the vendor's site, and the vendor's site isn't compelling either -- even if I do get to the guitar lessons site, that page is pretty uninspiring.
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    You're telling the users to "Click here for the Power Rock Guitar Site" but not giving them a reason why they should click there.

    How about...

    Click here to learn the easiest way to impress the ladies and get free drinks at bars with the Power Rock Guitar Method.

    Then tell a better story - Why should they trust you to search the net for the best guitar materials? What's in it for them? Why shouldn't they just search themselves?

    Your sales letter focuses on the features of the program, not the benefits. No one cares about the features. *Features tell, but Benefits Sell*

    Last, ditch the google ads, they're a traffic leak. Every single link on that page should take the user one step closer to purchasing from you. Google ads just send them to a competitor. Sales pages should never had ads on them. *ever*
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    Great work, and kudos to you for turning your thoughts into a real opportunity! Nonetheless, I have to agree with the above posts in that there are some changes you can make to create a more effective page.

    Your site is bland enough to the point where you've hidden your points of emphasis. For starters, I would clean up the formatting a tad (for example, the unusual space between the first couple of lines).

    Reworking some of the content may improve the feel of the page as well as your ability to establish yourself as a credible source of information. Examine the following lines:

    "I foundthese to be the easiest guitar courses to follow, have fun learning guitar with everyday, and actually taught what I was looking for, how to play the guitar." (Poorly constructed line that is a tad confusing.)

    "Check out my entire list here of these guitar courses to see why I liked these particular guitar courses." (Redundancy of "guitar courses.")

    In terms of immediate visual appeal, the heavy (albeit consistent) use of the unaltered font makes the page fairly lackluster. Try bolding, italicizing, underlining, and/or changing the size of certain key words and phrases that will drive sales or compel people to click through to the sales page. You might also consider variations in the fonts you use.

    You should also consider adding color. Hell, I'd even say change the Walmart blue theme to something more "badass" and rockstar-like; I want to learn to shred on the guitar, not learn to play the oboe (no offense, oboe-playing warriors). Check these sites out as examples (no affiliation): onlineguitarcourses.com, jamorama.com

    The uncomely bar on the right could use a little help (it's currently a primordial black hole of keywords), and the poor, lonely adsense ad is a misfit.

    Keep up the excellent work--can't wait to see an updated version!
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