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Hello Warriors:

I had my first $300+ day.

$1000 Tuitions

-$253 Commissions

-420 Hotel Room

$347 Profit

I am not counting my Audio Technica Mic ($139) I bought to do better videos.

I had less than one week of promotion; due to a funeral, etc. Next time I will have more time to promote and hope to do better.

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    Charles! That is AWESOME!!!!

    I am so happy to hear that!!!

    (Now go make your first $1000 day!! )

    "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    So Charles...how did you do it?

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    Hi Charles, congrats - I'm guessing that you were doing a seminar presentation So no doubt you'll get some more sign ups or leads at a later stage.

    All the best and to many more days like this for you

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    Congrats Charles, keep it up!

    - Jared


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    Well done Charles,


    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
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    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    Congrats Charles. Been wanting to do a seminar type of thing over here, but not sure on the level of demand there would be.

    You're definitely proof that taking actions makes $$$
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    Mind telling how did you do it?
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      $400 next, then $500... soon $1,000 - little steps... :-)

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    Congrats Charles, every time I read this " I earned $$$$ a day", I get very excited and motivated to work more and more every day. Thanks keep them coming. I am thinking about making the same thread one day and I am really working hard to achieve my target.
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    For those who were asking, yes, I did an SEO seminar. Promotion was horrible, interrupted by a funeral, pushed back a couple of times, etc..on and on. I decided to go ahead and have it even if I spent the $400 hotel fee and 'visualized' the people.

    I am going through Jeff Walker's course now, so I hope that next time I do this, it will actually be an event. In any case, I am happy to have made $300.

    Once the thing got going, I don't mind saying that I really gave more than I had. In other words, I tried to give more than what was on my sales letter.

    So in any case, thanks for all of your support.

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    Great going Charles,

    I just have to ask, are you offering the seminar for sale on video?

    Have you offered it to those who attended on video? Great back end!

    Making $1000 a day is easier, when you motivated after first $300 hurdle.

    Don't think about it --- Just Do It!
    swdcomputers@gmail.com For the best real deal in town!
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    I am putting on video as we speak, Top Gun.

    I will probably give it to the first attendees though.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Way to go Charles! It's great to see others success, but it's especially inspiring when it's someone in my geographical area-makes it seem more real I suppose.


    Roses are planted where thorns grow,
    And on the barren heath
    Sing the honey bees.
    –”The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” William Blake

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    Congratulations Charles.. such a great milestone, eh?..

    Much more success to you dude



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Well done, I just wanna reach a $25 day
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    Congrats! I'm still trying to reach a $100 day myself.
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      Hi Charles,

      Sorry to hear about the funeral - please accept my condolences.

      And congratulations on your achievement! I'm happy for you - you deserve this and more.

      Be well,

      - Kat Bartone

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      Congrats..............................Go Ahead.
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    Great, from anothe PA guy who is just getting started.
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  • The $300 is awesome, but I think a thread detailing how your Seminar went would be even more enlightening.

    For instance, how many people attended?
    What % of those you solicited showed up
    Do you have any follow ups with people who did not buy?

    Pretty cool, craftily camouflaged offline thread
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    Way to go, Charles.

    It's always nice to bank a profit AND walk away with some new equipment you can use for your business in the future.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    All The Best,

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      Congratulations Charles,

      Wasn't it worth all that hard work!
      And it will get easier each time you do it.

      Here's to many many more
      Best wishes
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    Great news Charles! Congrats. That is really an excellent first seminar result.
    My seminar years ago resulted in a net loss, so I would have grabbed at your results.
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    Great job, I always like to read these posts as well. These things always help me focus a little more.
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