Popup Email Subscription Good or Bad?

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I see some websites like JohnChow's blog using popup email subscription forms.

Do you think those are annoying or helpful?
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    As a consumer no doubt I think they are annoying as heck.

    As a marketer I have found on page opt in forms get better results when you have actually provided them a reason to opt in.

    I truly feel you need to provide a reason for people to opt in.
    I know I won't just hop on any old list for no reason.

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    I personally do not like pop up opt in forms. Why distract your potential buyers from your main objective which is to make the sale. Even if your landing page's purpose isn't to sell something, you should not distract them from reading contents on the page.

    I would put an opt in in between my contents. That's what works best form me
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    Besides offering an ebook, what are some things that I can offer? Check out the link in my sig to see my opt in form at the right side of my blog. Kind of bland.
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    The Best Thing you Can do is find one that once they opt-in it doesn't pop up any more. You can use a slide in form its way less annoying and only covers the bottom portion of the screen.
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