Email Marketing is over?

by Sphinx
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Someone said facebook fan's building is the trend, and can generate more sales nowadays than email marketing. Email is getting less effective to drive sales now, and will soon dead, what do you think?

I personally do not have facebook fans, for those who have a huge fans & also email list, perhaps you can share which work best for you...

Thank you.
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    Email will be around and popular forever.

    Facebook will probably not - end of story.
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    That's like saying bread is over.

    Everyone lately is saying everything is dead, but its' not. Email marketing is still, and probably will be for many years, very profitable. Don't give up on it. Do both. Each will grow the other.
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    I wouldn't stress about it. The secret to BOTH is providing unique interesting content on a continual basis to build relationships with your LIST or FANS.
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    facebook is saturated already, email marketing will be always there and will grow more.
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    Email marketing is far from over, but it depends on how you handle your lists. If you continuously send solo promotions after solo promotions (without giving any value), then it will be over in no time.

    But if you continuously provide excellent content and value (along with your promotions), your subscribers will stick around and would become your loyal "fans."
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    hmmm, I beg to differ. My drop today did $29K on edu. The difference is my subscribers are mostly all coi/doi permission based and I use an ESP. The trick is having your own data, working it slowly to build up a responsive pad, keep complaints down to .01% , if it spikes above quit api'ing or opting in data for a day or 2, never stop mailing or the ratio will get worse as residuals come in, and keep user engagement up to 4%, don't ask me anymore questions, that's as much as I'll tell you, but if you can collect 400K or your own leads a month and back them out to have profit on collecting the data and getting profile info via surveys, you'll be ahead, and then email marketing, sms, phone room, and more is where the rest comes. FYI, u have to have your own products/offers or ads and direct relationships, you cannot get send certified even on your own data! period, third party, tracking link, no good, your page, your whois, pixel post back or soap post api or ajax to keep it safe.

    If you are still a bulk mailer, hit me up, I have a lot of data, but I only work with $25K a month deals, and it will be third party, so u can use it for a pad or to push to your sites to get your own opt ins and then you'll create the response you need to actually stay whitelisted. Back dooring is not going to last, so I would hurry and get your lists up now.
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    E-mail marketing is here to say for the next 10 years! Unless something comes up that totally replaces emails. Facebook fan page is a totally different marketing method. I personally still think that email marketing is as effective as it was 2 years ago and find it more effective than fb fanpages.
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    What a great input! Thank you very much for all your opinion. I personally do not think that email marketing is over, though my list is not huge, but still getting sales over and over again.

    I do not want to mention who is that guy telling people to built facebook fans instead of email list, for those who is still hesitating if to build your own list, look at this post, no doubt that building your list start from day 1 is always a right move.

    I will be trying out building a facebook fans soon, if it does better than my list, will keep this post updated, but I don't know when it's going to happen.... maybe not

    Let's hear something from those who have a huge fans on facebook....
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    Not by a long shot, unless everyone suddenly stops using their email accounts without warning.

    Facebook has always been something that complemented email, and I seriously doubt that there are many people (if any) out there who have made the decision to supplant their email with Facebook, so I wouldn't worry about Facebook making email obsolete, if I were you.

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    Why does it have to be one or the other? I mean, wouldn't you benefit from doing both?
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    Email Marketing is not dead here. Sure its not like 10 years ago, people are more reluctant now to move forward via an e-mail message, and we must pre-qualify our subs now to keep up. At least , that's the case here. Email marketing will be around as long as email will be around.

    As for Facebook, it can't replace email...nuff said

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    Are you still checking your emails? If yes, email marketing is far from over.

    We have to admin that Facebook is a great channel for building up community, but email marketing is still very effective. I wouldn't give up sending emails for my marketing plans after I built up a great facebook page.

    Can we think it as additional marketing channel instead of always replacing one another?

    How do you maximize your returns on Facebook Advertising?

    Does YouTube advertising work?
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    Everything is dead, if we read all the hopeless posts here on the forum.

    People, let's call it quits and looking for a job to make money. Nothing is working anymore, we might as well pull the plug out of the internet.

    On a more serious note: if email marketing was dead, companies would be going out of business. Companies like Aweber, IContact, even Gmail and Hotmail would quit. That's the sign that something is dead.

    I'd call the increasing prices of gasoline, thanks to our Middle-East dictators, a worrying trend. Now, that's disturbing.

    Let's go and make money guys!
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    Dead is the new Black.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Email marketing is indeed DEAD.

    Dead effective that is.

    Right now your client should look at exploiting both email marketing and FaceBook as sales channels.

    I suspect that email marketing with still be around after FaceBook is long gone.
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      Email Marketing is alive and kicking. In fact I believe it is the corner stone of your business.

      Now facebook can help you grow your list, if you don't try to make money on facebook.

      I never ever open massages promoting something on facebook and if people posts ads on my wall I delete them.

      People like to buy - but they hate being sold to

      So use facebook to get connected with people and when they trust you and find you a real person, they will check out your business and maybe sign up to your list.

      I have never made a dime through facebook, but I have close to 4000 people as friends, most of them working in IM.

      Best Wishes
      Tina Lindgren
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    Email marketing is soooooo saturated but not entirely dead...I'm guessing because of these email spammers that tries and pretend that you signed up with them and want you to click on their link so they can get your subscription...
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    I haven't got thought on list building
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    Its because of the fact that more people use social sites longer. People just check their email if they feel the need to read something in their email.
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    Facebook can help you build your list, but the email will cement that connection with your list. Facebook fan pages and twitter is overrated at the moment.

    If you know how to properly use each tool to build your list and build a relationship with them, that's where everybody wins.
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    Most people appear to miss the point... Facebook is social media. In other words, it's a place to socialize and meet people. Then from Facebook, you invite these people to your blog or website where you capture their details and then through emails... you continue to build the relationship.

    Marketing isn't about just one thing. It's the sum total of all parts.

    Quite simple really.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Facebook Fan page is for sure the new trend. There are many advantages for marketing on Facebook fan page.

    1. Active Users.
    Ask yourself how often do you check your Facebook status.

    2. Target-able audience.
    Easily find people in your targeting geo-location.

    3. Stay connected with your customers.
    Messages, walls, status updates, what else do you need to make your customer feel connected?

    4. Easy to Manage
    Facebook has one of most user friendly interface, I personally believe that it is its interface that made Facebook so successful today.

    5. Reference
    With clicks away, any of your loyal fans can advertise your business to their friends. How powerful is that?

    5. Efficiency
    How many emails do you send out per day to not look spammy? You can update the status on your wall as often as you want.
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    Email won't die. BUT, as more and more people get into email/internet marketing, people will get more and more email. Thats one of the bad things about a niche like internet marketing, everyone is one everyone else's list (think adswaps).

    Thats why getting a complete buyers list (full address info) is gonna become more and more important.

    And ofcourse it doesn't hurt to have a good relationship with your either.
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    Email marketing's death has been greatly exaggerated :-)
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    My paypal account begs to differ.
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