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What are some common tools used in media buying to keep record of investments?

How do media buyers find and approach publishers?

Is there a tool which can redirect geotraffic to different links?

I kinda give up with ad networks. Google is really hard to promote CPA and email offers.

I know people say media buying is more difficult. However, most success I had in the past came from buying media from people's sites directly. I've always been able to achieve positive ROI, and my worst case scenario was still 0% ROI. In PPC marketing, I have literally thrown away hundreds of dollars without a good ROI.

I also find it easier to just talk directly to the webmaster and see if he will let me advertise on his page. As a former webmaster with hosting bills to pay, I know they love a fixed non volatile income.

I also find that I can get way more bang for my buck compare to PPC...

are there threads I can read on this topic?
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    anything ?
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    Media buys can be major investments, it's probably worth buying some course material before you commit to $1000+ insertion orders, one basic; insist on a 24 hour out clause so you can bail on non converting traffic.

    The Conversion Campus WSO at $47 was a bargain, compared to some cpa courses with 4 figure prices, I don't know if the 6 month old course is still available, he spends an hour on media buying and also talks about direct buying banner space. The common strategy seems to be to identify a good traffic source through the adwords network, then outbid google with a direct offer. His 10 hours of video also cover CPV traffic.

    Someone mentioned that an iframe ad allowed by some sites, will allow you to I.D. a visitor's local by their IP#. Otherwise you probably have to set up separate demographically targeted campaigns through media sources that have demographics.

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