Where can I request reviews for my future WSO?

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Hi all,

I plan to launch my first WSO in a couple of days, but I'd like to have some reviews to post before doing it. In which section of the forum can I ask for reviews?

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    the Reviews section is a good place for that.
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    or you could contact people that you might like to review it for you

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      Reviews from Reputed members from the forum here.
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    You could also offer review copies at the start of the thread.
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      You can legally post in the $5 Warriors for Hire too that you are beta testing and in exchange for access to your product you are looking for reviews. You can set prerequesites of who you want.

      You can also just skip the review thing all together and offer a few first freebies on the WSO just to kick start it. Then add the new reviews as they come to your sales copy.

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