No Line Breaks when posting

by LadySara 7 replies
I'm having a problem with posting on WF. When I write my post, I include line breaks. When the post is published, the line breaks are gone (like you see now). Everything looks like one, long sentence - like I'm saying it in one looong breath. Is there a button that I pushed by mistake, or that I need to push? Your help is appreciated, -Sara
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  • Working fine for me. Try some different browser and see the results
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      Thanks for your reply.

      Let me see.

      I used Firefox previously. Now I'm posting using Internet Explorer. After posting, I'll see if it's still one long post.

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        WOW! Thanks again Jugroo. It has line breaks when I post using IE.

        I wonder what setting I need to change in Firefox. Anybody know, because I usually use Firefox.

        I'm using a refurbished Dell computer that I just upgraded.

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    Hi Sara, I use Firefox (for my sins) and don't seem to have any trouble with

    line breaks.

    You are putting a clear space between paragraph breaks, aren't you?

    I haven't changed anything either. Maybe it's just a glitch, there's a lot of em about!



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    • Sara,

      This happened to me a couple of weeks ago as well. Even normal html syntax would show up out of nowhere when I was writing the post but they were all gone when publishing the post. Very annoying.

      I just closed down firefox and fired up Ccleaner, cleared cookies, cache, temp data etc.etc. and started it up again, then it worked. Not sure what the problem was but I can get rid of it now everytime that happens without having to use IE again
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    Hi Sara,

    Usually fixed by clearing your cookies (at least for the WF) and emptying temporary internet files (cache).

    You'll need to re-login to the forum once you clear your cookie, so make sure you have your current password.

    Hope it helps!


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  • Sara, clear your every setting of firefox. Disable all addons. Instead of doing this, just start firefox in safe mode. See if line breaks appear. If they do then first upgrade your firefox and then clear your all cookies. If still nothing happens then go and disable addons one by one. Do everything in parts so you can find the exact problem.
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