What is the Original Content/Authority Site advantage?

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I’ve been wrestling with a problem involving some content that I authored being indexed by Google before I could get it properly posted and indexed to my site.

I write a weekly print & digital newspaper column. The problem happened when a newspaper editor’s digital edition staff mistakenly posted what is now an archive of my columns on the editors open website. The content was suppose to only be posted on the publisher's closed access (paid) site. Being on a closed access site eliminated any possible problems with Google’s spiders being able to crawl the content and index it to the newspaper publisher's site. It was my intention to eventually post the columns on my site and get them properly indexed before allowing them to be openly published on open websites. Unfortunately, the barn door was left opened and the spiders got in.

I am concerned about losing the original content/authority site juice that is rightfully mine on approx 60 columns that took a lot of time to research and write.

I’ve considered asking the publisher to remove the columns from their site until Google de-indexes them and then posting them on my site/blog so they could be properly re-indexed on my site. This may be a pipe dream as I'm not sure that the material can ever be de-indexed. It seems like I heard somewhere that once content is indexed it is permanently cached and therefore can’t be de-indexed?

If I had known the column was going to be a success I would have started out indexing them to my site from the get-go but who knew. Sometimes we have to learn as we go.

It is my intent to use this content along with the rest of my columns to create an Ernie Mitchell.com branding site therefore the original content factor “may” be important???

Does anyone know if material can be de-indexed if it were taken off the newspaper publishers site and if so how long to process might take? More importantly, is it worth the effort? Is the original content/authority site factor really that important?

I have a good rapport with this editor and I’m confident they will work with me on sorting out the problem but I don’t want to request that they go through the process of removing the content from their site if it can’t be “de” and then “re” indexed OR if the original content/authority site advantage I’m losing isn’t all that important.

In summary, if anyone has knowledge on the following I would appreciate your insight:

1. Is the “original content/authority site” advantage I've lost worth being concerned about?

2. If so, if the content is removed from the publishers site will Google (the engines) de-index it so it can later be re-indexed?

3. If so, approximately how long might that take?

Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    I just finished rereading the above post and to my horror found it to read like it was written by a trained monkey!

    My apologies --- I was clearly doing too much multi-tasking when I wrote it this morning.

    I polished it up a bit.


    Ernie Mitchell
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