What happened on 14-15th Feb that my traffic dropped

by Fking
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On several sites of mine the traffic dropped to like 50% of its previous steady levels all in the same time frame 14th-15th February.

For bunch of other it didn't change or even increased. I haven't noticed any logic yet. But if something happened about this time and i've missed it, please enlighten me

Share similar experiences as well, thank you!
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    Maybe everyone was out with there partners for Valentines????

    On a serious note, not to sure, maybe your sites lost ranking on those dates, Google Dance? I suppose it depends on where your traffic comes from. Maybe if the traffic comes from a certain site that went down over those 2 days?

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      Traffic dropped for any particular niche of your websites?

      I saw similar trend: my dating website, traffic increased like anything, but others niches, it dropped.

      It's all in the trend what's popular at any particular time of the year.
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    Yeah, maybe your site was anti-valentines? lol Just joking. But maybe had to do something with Valentines day?
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    well the thing is it wasn't only for those 2 days, that's just when it shifted.
    I'm still at the low levels. The sites are in various niches.
    Most of the traffic is from google. Maybe i had to be more specific, what related to google happened around those days?
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