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Hello Warriors,

When you think of a new niche and find some good keywords.

What do you do first?

Create a product and put up squeeze/sales page and drive traffic?


Test the market with affiliate products and don't worry about building a list before there is proven potential?

Thanks for sharing your views!
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  • Try to get some uptins first then you can offer an affiliate product but don't build one i know a guy who buit one for 2 years to find out no one would pay him.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I personally do not build a list until I can see that there is a demand for the product I am promoting. For example when I first started I was promoting women's high heels on an affiliate website. I used it as a test, and once I realized the demand was there I re-developed the site into a squeeze page offering coupon codes and such on the heels.

    The list grew and it was great to be able to send out an email and make money literally on the fly--especially on Friday's!
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Depends on the niche! There's no "one size fits all" approach to IM. Once I have a niche that looks interesting, I look around the SERPs to see what other websites are doing. How are they structuring their sites? What products are they offering? If everyone's running squeeze pages, why would I bother putting a bunch of effort into populating a blog with content?

    That said, building a list is probably the last activity on my to-do list, if only because I don't want to put energy into gathering subscribers if my niche isn't going to convert.
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