Get Past Spam Filters ???

by Bobster0007 3 replies
I seem to get flagged as spam on some blogs. I go in and at least add as much as most others. However, i can see posts in front of me and honestly they are no better than mine. I also look at the code they used to add their link(s). I get puzzled when i see this often. I try to go back in under another proxy but that dont help either. Any good ideas? :confused:
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    Post relevant content, don't use proxies and give something back of extreme value...

    For instance, If I see something from someone like "Nice post looks great!" I will flag that in a heart beat.

    But if I am talking about how to build a relationship with your customers and you provide something along the lines of...

    "Yeah I agree with you. It is not wise to spam links on twitter. To show people that you truly value them as a follower give them something of value like a free report or a piece of software to download in your DM to them"

    Then most likely I would approve it.

    Not to mention most blogs do/if not should have Akismet installed.

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      I know about the typical spam verbage. I tried proxies after i was labeled spam by them but that didnt help. The Askimet must track something other than my IP address to know who i am. But as stated, my post was as good as others that got past the askimet. Im trying to get better at manually dropping links on higher PR blogs.
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