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Besides the warrior forum, which is the best forum on the internet, just my 2 cents. Which Internet Marketing Forums are among the best to advertise in?
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    WF is really the best... what are you trying to advertise? Services do well in other forums, but really none of them have the rep and member base like WF.
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    Nothing is better than WF!
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      Go to google
      Type "Internet Marketing Forums" into the search field
      Press Enter
      Then go looking at the sites on the first 3 pages.

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    Yip Nothing Beats WF
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    I've found that different forums have great individual sections, however none are as complete and incorporating as the WF. We really have everything we need here, including a big fan base.
    Speaking of fan base, does the WF have a fan page?

    No sig, good day m8...

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    I have no idea to mention on WF as it is the most superior but my another favorite one is DP
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    I'll chime in here. When I found the Warrior Forum I wasn't looking for a forum. I saw no point in "belonging" to a forum.

    However, "The Warrior Secret Site" now that was a different matter. I really wanted to belong to that "Secret Site." So I sent my money and logged in.

    One thing that came with the secret site was the forum. I joined it and immediately saw the value. I thought to myself, WOW, If this is so great more would be better, so I visited and joined a few more well respected forums. I just couldn't hang with them. Compared to here every other forum was a let down.

    I say all of the above to say this, What ever forum is second isn't even close and was never worth my time.

    Now if your purpose for visiting forums is to "market" and not to learn/help/and then market a bit, then the others might be worth it to you.


    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Our Return Policy. Buy our Stuff. Later you can Return and buy more..
      I don't mean to hijack the thread but George, I love your latest signature...roflmao!
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    warrior forums is the best forum that i know of
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