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OK, so I'm a newbie-ish to the IM arena and my big plan is to end the year with a genuine 6 figure online business. I was a IT recruiter before taking the plunge as a futures trader and now after paying for a few high end IM products costing an arm and a leg, I genuinely believe IM(as well as property) is where I will make my fortune. So after much procrastinating on my part I've finally psyched myself up to just crack on and take action.

I like most other newbies have spent loads of money, mostly in the thousands on products which are just too hyped up, over promise and under deliver and just not newbie friendly, hopefully in the future once I have gained enough experience and credibility I will create a product that is a winner on all levels, but for now I'll just stick to building myself up a name first.

so to kick off I've armed myself with the following-

Google Sniper 2
Traffic Ultimatum

Market Samurai
Traffic Travis
SEO Suite
( I will be cross referencing results with the 3)

Obviously I will also be using all the free google tools as well.

I intend to purchase Keyword Sniper Pro,Trend Miner Pro and Ultimate Keyword Extractor from Jack Duncan who is another fellow Warrior which I've read good reviews about.

I also intend to focus on organic traffic only as my budget is limited......very limited.

I was also going to write a blog about my experiences as a reference for future newbies but I need to become a full member which I will need to sort out, so for the mean time I'm going to set up a blog on my own domain.

So that's me for now Warriors, any comments, advice is welcomed and much appreciated.........after seeing so many people with 4 weekly figure Clickbank accounts I just can't sit on the fence no more. Having also read George Brown's initial post back in 2008 to his position now it really does inspire me to take action.

So, there you have it guys.........I'm going to place a link in my sig to my website once that's up and running and I hope I have all your help, support and advice when needed. Many Thanks

Heres to 2011...

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    Hi Michael,

    It seems like you spent a lot of money before but your budget is limited now, is that right?

    You sure got lots of tools! More than I could imagine!

    But do you have your plan ready and do you have your step by step blueprint?

    What exactly are you going to do to make money?

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      Hey CoffeeCash,

      Yeah pretty much, I was recently made redundant hence the limit on my budget and the reason why I'm finally going to give IM my full attention.

      I'm still in 2 minds whether to purchase Jack Duncan's tools but they've got some pretty solid reviews and having seen it in action I'm probably going to get it, just trying to decide on whether I need to purchase just the one or all of them.

      I should have mentioned my plan before, but yeah, plan is make money as a Affiliate Marketer focusing on very specific niches utilising Google Sniper as a reference. I've had some success before when I did a tester page as an affiliate for Google sniper 1 and made 2 sales so I know it works. I also intend to make money from CPV,CPA using the Youtube platform and probably mobiles/cellphones. In the long run I intend to build up a subscribers list eventually bringing out my own product. Once my blog is up and running I also intend to monetize that.

      so thats my grand plan, but easier said than done!

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    I can suggest a few things that please, please don't just blow off. Remember them going forward.

    Find out what people are buying right now and will continue to buy in the future. Now is not the time to get creative or try to sell on people's needs. It's all about what the customer wants.

    Find out where those people go to buy this stuff. For example - many people go to the WSO section to buy IM products. Others go to amazon to buy stuff. Others search for "how to get rid of back acne" which they will gladly pay for a cure. Be the middleman and get paid.

    Keep things simple. Over analyzing everything is a normal disease in IM and happens to practically everybody. Remember that traffic + conversions = sales. Learn how to write good sales copy, always build a list, start developing positive relationships with other internet marketers, and decide now that your success is in your hands and nothing else matters.

    Be confident that you've made the right choice and focus enough on one proven strategy that you'd be able to tell someone your entire business model in 2 to 3 sentences out loud.

    Good luck!
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      hey Ryan,

      You took the words out of my mouth......thanks for the advice, everything you've said makes sense and it is what I've been told and learnt so far in my short IM career.

      Appreciate all the input guys....

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    You got a lot of tools, and some of them do the same thing. I strongly suggest if you want to follow the Google Sniper system that you focus on keeping it simple - which is what the approach is all about. Just do your keyword research, build your blog according to George's formula and move on to the next one. I cannot see where you need to invest in anything else, if this is the path you want to take.

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    Me newbie is curiously watching or spying on you. Let's see how you scale up your IM and I may follow your model. Thanks
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      Why the rush to get more tools? If I were you I would stick to Google Sniper. and not buy anymore tools until you are making money.

      Daring to make money on line.

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    hey Wayne, Gail,

    OK, just to be clear, Google sniper is the system I will be implementing, traffic ultimatum will be used as a referencing tool rather than a planned system to follow. As with the rest, well I'm sure you guys know what Market samurai, Traffic Travis do, but the reason for using a few as opposed to just one is so that i can cross reference the results before jumping on board.

    I may have confused everyone with my post and the amount of tools I have etc, but I intend to keep it very simple and not over complicate things.

    But thanks for posting, and keep em coming, probably going to be my last post until i have my first site up and running, until then..........

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