Site Without WWW - Results WITH WWW... anyone?

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I have a website over here: http: //

(without www)

and I noticed that it shows in google as www.

(with www)

I've been doing lots of backlinking for without WWW.

does the fact that it shows with WWW matter for the rankings, and what can I do to change that?

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    Yes it does. The trend shows that www is being used by most of the websites. Sign up for and add your website there. Then change the website prefix from the control panel.
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    You also may consider to do a 301 redirect as well because Google treats www version of the site different from a non-www version.

    This' what matt cutt said (the lead Google Engineer)
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    You definitely need to have both of these direct to the same place. They are considered 2 different sites and can be hurting your SEO. As mentioned already above, the www format is the best and most popular you should probably be having the other point to that instead of the other way around.
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    Well, you could either do a 301 redirect or change it from google webmaster tools, what I wanna add is that , dont start backlinking with www , just continue backlinking without www coz once you start backlinking with www it will screw up your results a bit
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