How I increased conversions by 53% with two small changes on a niche blog

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I have an aged niche that's been pretty steadily growing in income over the past few years. I had a little time several days ago, so I spent some time looking at the site's analytics to see if there might be anything I could do to increase either traffic or conversions.

I noticed that the number of unique pageviews was slightly lower than half of the total pageviews. That meant that the average visitor was only looking at two pages before leaving. I realized that I needed to do something to keep the visitors on my site longer.

I pulled up the top 100 keywords and started putting together an outline of the topics (rather than the phrases) my visitors were interested in. Some were expected. About half were slightly different than what I'd been using for categories.

I added the new categories to the blog and then updated each post (took longer than I thought it would - whew!), adding one of the new categories to each post, if appropriate.

Same posts, same keywords, just more detail in the category menu.

That was change #1.

Then, I'd read about the SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 plugin, and it looked interesting from an SEO standpoint. I installed it, then added both the "recent searches" and "popular searches" widgets to the sidebar.

I made this change for SEO, but I'm sure it added to the usability of the site. When someone sees a search term that resonates, they click through to read that article, too.

That was change #2.

Since then, the total pageviews figure is more than five times the number of uniques. That means that the average visitor visits five pages rather than the two they were visiting before.

That's led to a 53% increase in conversions.

This just shows how important it is to think as much (or more) about your visitor than you do about Google.
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