Use what ever you've got ..... Never give up!

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The last two weeks was the closest I ever came to giving up.

I was burgled when guys broke in while we were sleeping and took me and my husbands laptops. We had a bucket load of work to get out and nothing to do it on.

So I felt sorry for myself for a whole day, all I did was email my customers told them what had happened. They understood and said there was no rush. I thought 'good they understand now I can feel sorry for myself some more with no pressure'.

The realization soon came that the work would not go away. So we took stock of the positives, which were.

1. They never stole my iPhones
2. They never stole the very old beat up desktop.

I then proceeded to write articles with my iPhone, not fun, but doable. I edited them on the very very slow desktop with my husbands help. I managed to deliver the articles and some other work only a few days late.

When I finally do get a computer again, work will feel so much easier.

For many of us newbies a lot of IM will be a struggle, but once we get through the tough patches it will feel easier and doable. Until the next learning curve or change that makes thing challenging. So just do what you can and dont feel sorry for yourself for to long.

Ps. This was written with the iPhone still not fully up and running.

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