Having Troubles Getting Traffic To My Website With The Methods I'm Using

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Hi I'm relatively new to IM'ing (Iv'e been doing it for 4-5 months now) and I currently have two websites going at the moment.

The problem I'm having is driving traffic to my websites while getting rankings from my main keywords which are slowly climbing the SERP's but are still a ways off from ranking on the first page. I am getting trickle traffic in the amount of 3-10 visitors a day but I'm wondering what would be the best ways to drive more traffic while I am building backlinks and new content.

I have been doing some article marketing but haven't been getting too many views or click throughs on my articles. I am making sure that my articles are of good quality and also targeting low competition key phrases.

What else can I be working on that will benefit me the most in getting traffic?

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    Are you doing proper keyword research and actually writing good quality articles? What are you doing when you say "article marketing?"

    There's always things like forum and blog commenting to drive targeted traffic as another option. All depends on what you're trying to do.

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    Depends on your niche mate (No,I'm not trying to find out ur niche)

    Your answer can be youtube , forum posting , proper article marketing maybe ?

    Good luck mate !
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    Ultimately, time is the ultimate cementer; it brings things together. Keep building links my friend, write DIFFERENT content than anyone else is writing and understand this:

    There are thousands of untapped ways to get traffic, we just have to use our ingenuity to find them.

    That drives me daily to figure out new methods.

    Also, GET OUT THERE and talk to people doing the same things that you're doing. Deliberately build relationships and get people feeling comfortable with you.

    The more they see you on their blogs, or interacting with their stuff, the more they'll unconsciously start to feel comfortable with you.

    Lastly, even though everyone knows about this, it doesn't make it any less significant: GUEST POSTING. Get out there and let the blogosphere know who you are.

    I don't think I have to say this, but I will anyway. SEO is not a quick short term strategy, unless you're doing grey-black H techniques to game the engines. Have a long term perspective, keep building links and refining your approach daily.

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    @packerfan - I don't think I'm having a problem choosing the proper keywords, I have purchased some WSO's on keyword research and article marketing in the past and I am also using market samurai and various other tools to measure the amount of searches the words and phrases get, and also checking out the websites which I would be competing with if i choose to go for those phrases. I do make mistakes sometimes on just how strong some competitors actually are but most of the articles I have written end up near the first page of google for the words I'm targeting they just don't seem to actually get on the first page and since they are not overly high volume searched keywords, they never seem to bring in much visitors.

    But yes I have also been trying to leave relevant blog comments to drive targeted visitors and it has helped bring in a few of the visitors in that i do get. Forum commenting is one of the areas I really haven't gone into much at all yet, maybe I will try that.

    @dubaier - Yes I think I will try forum posting more often now, and as for proper article marketing, would you be able to recommend any good courses or WSO's for that?

    @rcritchett - Thanks for the in depth post =) Yes I am not trying to be one of those people that is in internet marketing to make a quick dollar, I really am trying to improve on all aspects of what I'm doing over time.

    As for building relationships with people and guest posting, it seems like a fairly hard thing to do with the niche I'm in. I would like to get out there and know people within the IM community but it just seems like since I haven't really had any success yet I don't really have anything that I could be contributing to anything yet. That is part of the reason why I made this post though, just so I can start interacting with people that are doing the same type of thing that I'm trying to do.

    Thanks for all the replies!
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